Oshogatsu New Year's Dishes (DVD)

Item # 040035.

With Master Chef Robert Hori.

This is an oldie but a goodie, a step-by-step cooking video that will make the most basic of cooks feel confident enough to create special Japanese New Year's dishes that taste authentic and look good! You'll learn how to prepare and serve dishes including ozoni, kansai-style miso ozoni, umani (Japanese root vegetable stew), classical tai (fish), namasu (cold vegetable salad), and more. Sansei chef, Robert Hori developed a passion for Japanese cooking and cuisine at an early age. His experience and style of cooking comes from the Kyoto region of Japan, where he spent three years of intensive training in the art of tea ceremony at the Urasenke School. 

*This is a digitized VHS recording and has not been remastered for HD, but the quality is fine for learning.

Running time: 52 min.

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