Only the Brave (DVD)

Item # 040133.

Written and directed by Lane Nishikawa.

Starring: Jason Scott Lee, Mark Dacascos, Yuji Okumoto, Tamlyn Tomita and Pat Noriyuki Morita.

October 1944, Texans of the 141st Regiment, U.S. Army, were surrounded by Nazis, high in the Vosges Forest of France. They were labeled “Lost,” another casualty of war. The all-Japanese American 100th/442nd Regimental Combat Team were ordered to reach them, no matter the cost. Facing a larger enemy force, the Nisei broke through the German lines, but at a tremendous price. The unit suffered over 800 casualties to save 211 American soldiers of the “Lost Battalion” in what is regarded today as one of the ten most significant battles of World War II.

Only the Brave, inspired by this historic rescue, captures the tragedies and sacrifices of these courageous Americans. Running time: 99:37 min.

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