My Nest of Silence

Item # 157629.

By Matt Faulkner.

Manzanar is nothing like home. Yet the relocation center is where Mari  and her family have to live, now that the government has decided that  Japanese Americans aren’t American enough. Determined to prove them  wrong, Mari’s brother Mak has joined the army and is heading off to war.  In protest, Mari has stopped talking for the duration of the war. Or at  least until Mak comes home safe.

Still, Mari has no trouble  expressing herself through her drawings. Mak, too, expresses himself in  his letters home, first from training camp and later from the front  lines of World War II, where he is fighting with the 442nd Regimental  Combat Team. But while his letters are reassuring, reality is not: Mak  is facing danger at every turn, from racism within the army to violence  on the battlefield. 

Hardbound: 384 pp.

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