Monmon Cats Book Vol.1

Item # 151464.

Monmon is another word used to describe the Japanese tattoo. This beautiful little book contains the paintings of Horitomo, one of the featured tattoo artists in the exhibition Perseverance: Japanese Tattoo Tradition in a Modern World.

Horitomo rose to the forefront of pioneering Japanese tattoo artists in the 1990’s by challenging traditions and bringing his own version of the Western style to Japan. Horitomo is also highly experienced in hand tattooing (tebori), the traditional method of Japanese tattooing which predates the electric tattoo machine. His graphic designs have also been used by numerous companies, including four video games for Sega Game Systems.

By combining the imagery of cats and the art of Japanese tattooing, Horitomo makes a statement about the shared past that tattooing and cats have had in Japanese culture: fear, distrust, mystery, prejudice and awe.

Hardbound: 118 pp.

Volume 2 also available:

Horitomo’s Monmon Cats Vol.2

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