House on Lemon Street (paperback)

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By Mark Rawitsch. Afterword by Lane Ryo Hirabayashi.

In 1915, Jukichi and Ken Harada purchased a house on Lemon Street in Riverside, California. Close to their restaurant, church, and children's school, the house should have been a safe and healthy family home. Before the purchase, white neighbors objected because of the Haradas' Japanese ancestry; and the California Alien Land Law denied them real-estate ownership because they were not citizens. To bypass the law, Mr. Harada bought the house in the names of his three youngest children, who were American-born citizens. Neighbors protested again, and the first Japanese American court test of the California Alien Land Law of 1913 - The People of California v. Jukichi Harada - was the result. This story details the Haradas' decision to fight for the American dream.

Paper: 426 pp.

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