Drawing by Heart: Cartoons from the Pen of Gwen Muranaka

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Written and illustrated by Gwen Muranaka. 

A compilation of cartoons and cross-cultural commentary. A whimsical excursion into a world of outspoken cats and dogs, where cultures clash and Spam musubi is a staple, Muranaka’s book sheds light on the unique, funny things that make us Japanese American. Gwen Muranaka is a fourth generation Japanese American and is senior editor of The Rafu Shimpo, the oldest and largest bilingual Japanese newspaper in the United States. For the last 20 years, she has covered numerous events in the Southern California Japanese American community. Throughout her journalism career, Muranaka has drawn cartoons, including “Noodles,” published weekly in the Japan Times in Tokyo and “Small Kid Time” for Pacific Citizen. Currently she illustrates “Dad’s Three Cats” for The Hawaii Herald and The Rafu Shimpo.  

Paper: 137 pp.  

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