Amache Remembered

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Amache Remembered-- An American Concentration Camp 1942-1945

By Robert Y Fuchigami

During World War II, over one hundred thousand American citizens were corralled behind barbed wire with watch towers, search beacons and armed guards, simply because they had Japanese faces and names. These people have earned a place in history; they have earned the right to have their story told. No myth or legend this: Amache's pain and suffering were real and true.

No charges filed. No hearings held. Eight camps were erected in desolate, desert type lands in Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Utah, and Wyoming. Two other camps were located in swamp type lands in Arkansas. The camp in Colorado, holding over 7,500 inmates, was officially named Granada Relocation Center but unofficially called Amache. The Amache story needs remembrance or it can be repeated with other Americans.

This is the story of Amache.

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