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ac-tiv-ist noun: a person who works to bring about political or social change.

By Warren T. Furutani.

In his new memoir, Warren T. Furutani writes about his experiences of being a student,  community and political activist for more than fifty years. He reflects on his personal evolution and growth through organizing the Asian and Pacific Islander American social justice movement, his career in community service, his perspective on current issues, and lessons that he learned from different times in his life. 

Furutani reveals the struggles, pitfalls, and triumphs of public service with humor and insight about mentors, colleagues, and friends who guided his career and shaped him as a person. He also offers advice to politicians, educators, and community leaders on how to get the job done. act-iv-ist includes Furutani’s thoughts about issues such as anti-Asian hate, the homeless crisis, the COVID-19  pandemic, Black Lives Matter, and immigration.

Paper: 272 pp. 


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