Surviving Minidoka: The Legacy of WWII Japanese American Incarceration

Item # 151422.

Edited by Russell M. Tremayne and Todd Shallat.

One of the largest and most remote of America's concentration camps was Idaho's Camp Minidoka in Jerome County, near Twin Falls. Its story, tragic yet triumphant, raises enduring questions about racial profiling, military authority and the hysteria of war. This 200 page art book and tribute presents 10 intriguing essays in an elegant hardcover volume of poetry, rare prints, historical photography, and original artwork.

Contributors include: Robert Sims, Todd Shallat, David Adler, Roger Shimomura, Russ Tremayne, Greg Robinson, Jette Morache, Frank Yoshikazu Kitamoto, Anna Hosticka Tamura, Adele Thomsen, and Lane Hirabayashi. Hardbound: 200 pp.


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