Organic Sobacha Aiji - Buckwheat Herbal Tea

Item # 209001.

Authentic Japanese Sobacha from Hokkaido, a prefecture known for maintaining top agricultural standards. Dattan Soba roasted buckwheat, caffeine-free tea  Made of roasted kernels of buckwheat with a toasty aroma and nutty, sweet flavor that can be enjoyed hot or cold. Brews a golden yellow. After drinking, you can also eat the kernels or add them as a topping to your salads, rice, and desserts! Small-batch, artisan quality teas directly from family-owned and small-scale tea farmers across Japan, who use organic methods to cultivate their crops. 100% organic, JAS certified premium; non-GMO with no sugar, no preservatives, no fillers added, no chemicals or pesticides. Naturally vegan & gluten-free. Tested for radiation, chemicals, and metals to ensure purity. 100 grams.  All sales are final.

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