Japanese Home Cooking: Simple Meals, Authentic Flavors

Item # 156168.

By Sonoko Sakai.

Using high-quality, in-season ingredients in simple preparations is the way of Japanese home cooking that Sonoko Sakai promotes in this book of essential recipes. Beginning with the Japanese pantry, the key flavors of Japanese cuisine are explored alongside recipes for the fundamental building blocks of this cuisine, including dashi, pickles, soybeans, rice, and noodles.

From there, the basic okazu recipes offer solid everyday recipes that explore these foundational flavors. With a gentle voice and a passion for authentic Japanese cooking, Sonoko then dives into dishes for breakfast; vegetables and grains; meat; fish; noodles, dumplings, and savory pancakes; sweets; preserved fruits; and beverages. Throughout, discover lessons on traditional Japanese techniques, such as working with fish to slice sashimi and make home-style sushi, making quick and fermented pickles, and cutting noodles. With stunning photos by Rick Poon, stories of food purveyors in California and Japan, and over 100 recipes, this is a generous book that will appeal to home cooks of all levels. Hardbound: 304 pp.

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