Generation Teas-6 Sampler Set

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The Japanese American National Museum in partnership with Chado Tea Room has created a unique line of tea blends celebrating different generations of Japanese Americans. In this beautiful, reusable gift box (with magnetic latch) you can enjoy all six flavors in the Generation Tea Series. Each sample makes approximately 3-4 cups. Try them all then restock with your favorite generation! 

Issei Blend-- This special blend of tea honors the Issei – the immigrants from Japan  who came to America and became their family's first generation of  Americans. Earthy Japanese tradition meets exotic new influences in this  combination of hojicha (roasted green tea) with a hint of coconut and  vanilla.  

Nisei Blend-- This special blend of tea honors the Nisei – second-generation, but  first American-born generation of Japanese descent who embraced the  values of America even as they honored their parents’ Japanese values of  gaman (perseverance) and ganbatte (doing the best they can). Genmaicha  (green tea with roasted brown rice), a nostalgic Nisei favorite, is  enlivened with a hint of citrus and vanilla. 

Sansei Blend-- This special blend of tea honors the Sansei–third-generation Japanese  Americans who imaginatively put their own twist on long-held traditions.  Classic Japanese sencha green tea mixed with dried cherries creates an  unexpected and bright new blend of flavors. 

Yonsei Blend-- This special blend of tea honors the Yonsei – fourth-generation Japanese  Americans whose heritage is a rich cultural mixture with an essence of  their Japanese past. Bancha (third flush Japanese green tea) flavored  with traditional chai (East Indian spiced tea) spices of cinnamon,  ginger, cardamom and vanilla. 

Gosei Blend–This special blend of tea honors the Gosei – fifth-generation Japanese Americans who are bringing fresh new perspectives to the meaning of culture. Youthful and decaffeinated, this mix fuses rooibos herbal tea with flavors of childhood—vanilla, caramel, and chocolate. Add milk for a soothing evening drink! 

Museum Blend-- This special blend of tea honors all generations with a rich, aromatic  mix destined to become a timeless classic—Chado Special House Black tea  infused with jasmine, vanilla, and mandarin orange flavoring.  All sales are final.

Refill Pouches Available

Generation Teas-Issei Blend

Generation Teas-Nisei Blend

Generation Teas - Sansei Blend

Generation Teas-Yonsei Blend

Generation Teas-Gosei Blend

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