It Began With a Page: How Gyo Fujikawa Drew the Way

Item # 157623.

Written by Kyo Maclear. Illustrated by Julie Morstad.

Gyo Fujikawa's iconic children's books are beloved all over the world. This is the story of this Japanese American artist growing up quiet and lonely at the beginning of the twentieth century. Gyo learned from her family how both women and Japanese people lacked opportunity. Her teachers and family encouraged her to study art at school and later in Japan, where her talent flourished. But while Gyo's career grew and led her to work for Walt Disney Studios, World War II began, and with it, her family's incarceration. In spite of enduring injustice inspired by racism,

Gyo had a vision of a better world—one which led her to write and illustrate the first children's book to feature children of different races interacting together. Ages 4-8.

Hardbound: 48 pp.

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