Momotaro Socks

Item # 022103-MD.

Time for some throwback hero socks! Momotaro, also known as Peach Boy, is the hero from one of the most time-honored children's folk tale. He was raised by his woodcutter parents after they found a very large peach bobbing in the river. When it was opened, out popped Momotaro who was the son they had longed for. As a young man, he set out to save his village from a band of marauding oni (demons), along with his friends and fellow warriors, a dog, a pheasant and a monkey. Dark navy background. 80% Cotton with nylon blend. 20% Spandex / Lycra. Comes in two sizes:

Medium fits women’s shoe sizes 6-10, and men’s shoe sizes 5-9.

Large fits women’s shoe sizes 9-13, and men’s shoe sizes 8-12.5.

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