Museum Picks

Nahan Gluck’s pick: The Bracelet

The Bracelet is a classic children’s story, by Yoshiko Uchida, during the start of WWII.

Emi, a Japanese American child, was being forcibly sent to an assembly center. Her best friend Laurie, a second grader, gave her a bracelet saying, “good bye” as she was leaving to the center. During the turmoil to get to the center, Emi loses the bracelet. Since they could only take what they could carry, pictures of relatives were a common item to take. But it was realized that seeing material items is not as important as having the love of those things in your heart.

This video also comes with a teachers guide to help explain the Japanese American experience to schoolchildren. This is especially important during these times after the September 11 event, to understand and appreciate America’s ethnic and cultural diversity.

Nahan Gluck is a volunteer docent at the Japanese American National Museum. His other responsibilities include helping his two grandchildren with their homework. The Bracelet is his grandchild’s favorite book.

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