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Taiko in the U.S. Trivia Quiz

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We've posted the answers to our quiz below, along with some extra tidbits of information. To read more about this subject, read our related story: "Taiko in the United States" (click on the story title link to read the story)!


1. Who is the individual who started the first taiko group in the United States?

[a] Seiichi Tanaka

[b] Daihachi Oguchi

[c] Inagaki Mansaku

[d] Yutaka Ishizuka

[e] Tagayasu Den

Seiichi Tanaka founded San Francisco Taiko Dojo in 1968. Daihachi Oguchi is the person credited with presenting the first arrangement of group drumming in the manner of what we recognize today as "taiko". Yutaka Ishizuka whose professional name is Saburo Mochizuki, was a founding member of Oedo Sukeroku Daiko, the first professional taiko group in Japan. In 1969, Tagayasu Den founded Za Ondekoza on Sado Island in Japan.

2. Who was the first American taiko group to tour in Japan with American-made barrel taiko?

[a] San Francisco Taiko Dojo

[b] Kinnara Taiko

[c] Kenny Endo Taiko Ensemble

[d] San Jose Taiko

[e] Soh Daiko

San Jose Taiko toured Japan with Ondekoza in 1987.

3. Who was the first non-Japanese national to receive a natori in classical Japanese drumming?

[a] Johnny Mori

[b] Tiffany Tamaribuchi

[c] Jeanne Mercer

[d] Russel Baba

[e] Kenny Endo

In 1987, Kenny Endo became the first non-Japanese national to receive a natori in hogaku hayashi.

4. Which of these major motion pictures did not include an American taiko group in their sound track or movie?

[a] The Right Stuff

[b] Enter the Dragon

[c] Karate Kid II

[d] Return of the Jedi

[e] Charlie's Angels

There is no American taiko on the soundtrack for Enter the Dragon. San Francisco Taiko Dojo is included on the soundtracks for The Return of the Jedi (1982) and The Right Stuff (1983). Kinnara Taiko performs in a scene in Karate Kid II (1986). And Zenshuji Zendeko performs in a scene from Charlie's Angels (2000).

5. What is the material used by most American groups who make their own taiko?

[a] Plywood

[b] Metal garbage cans

[c] Old sake casks

[d] Wine oak barrels

[e] Balsa wood

Most groups make their taiko from wine oak barrels, although some may use other types of barrels. Professional taiko-makers craft their own staves.

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