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Origami Fun for Kids, Too! (DVD and CD-ROM)
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Second DVD in a series. Expert instructor Vicky Mihara Avery shows how fun and easy origami can be with clear step-by-step directions. Origami Lessons on this DVD: Balloons Masu Box, with lid and divider Chaos Cube Trick, Sailboat, Basketball Hoop, Makotokoma (spinning top), Jumping Frog, Handbag/Gift Bag.

One of the secrets to enjoying origami is to know how to decipher Origami diagrams. In our special section - The Secret Language of Origami - Vicky explains the "secret code" of lines and arrows that make up Origami diagrams. Learn these basics along with the techniques shown in each lesson, and you will be able to follow instructions in almost any Origami book, even foreign language ones!

PRINT OUT DIAGRAMS! Included in this package is a bonus CD-ROM with Adobe® PDF diagrams for every model on this DVD so you can print them from your own computer.

Vicky Mihara Avery is an award-winning origami instructor and has taught at museums, festivals and origami conferences in USA, Canada and Japan. She has been a guest on Martha Stewart and on the Carol Duvall show.

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