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Records of the Fierce Battles of Nisei Soldiers: Japanese Americans and World War II (In Japanese only)
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Written by Yukiko Yanagida McCarty.

This book is only available as a Japanese language title. The untranslated title is: "Nisei Heishi Gekisen no Kiroku: Nikkei Amerikajin no Dainiji Sekai Taisen" (二世兵士激戦の記録: 日系アメリカ人の第二次大戦)

"You fought not only the enemy, but you fought prejudice, and you won." This is what President Truman announced in front of the Nisei 442nd Regimental Combat Team at the White House on July 15, 1946. In Europe, Asia, and the Pacific Islands Nisei soldiers fought bravely, and the 442 Regimental Combat Team is still considered as the strongest regiment in the US military's history. They were also called the "Purple Heart" regiment, as their sacrifice was huge. Their devotion to the country even moved the president of America.

The author, who has been a Japanese journalist for more than 20 years, visited old battle fields in Europe, Hawaii, and Japan; interviewed a tremendous number of Nisei veterans; and wrote this moving story in a simple but deeply heart -felt way.

Content covered in this book includes:

Pearl Harbor • Internment Camps • Presidential Order 9066 • Military Intelligent Service • Strategy of American Propaganda • Hawaiians of the 100th Infantry Battalion at the Italian Front • The 442nd Regimental Combat Team at the European Front • Niseis who were drafted to Japanese Imperial Military • The Occupation Army and GHQ • The International Military Tribunal for the Far East • Hiroshima • Korean War

Paper: 239 pp.

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