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The Friendship Doll
Item No.: 151346



By Kirby Larson

Newbery Honor winner Kirby Larson's tale of four girls and the Japanese Friendship Doll who changes their lives. Told from the perspective of the doll, Miss Kanagawa, the story follows her travels around America and through time. Miss Kanagawa begins her journey with trepidation and distrust until she begins to observe and "interact" with the four young American girls.

A quote from the narrator follows: "I am Miss Kanagawa. In 1927, my 57 doll-sisters and I were sent from Japan to America as Ambassadors of Friendship. Our work wasn't all peach blossoms and tea cakes. My story will take you from New York to Oregon, during the Great Depression. Though few in this tale are as fascinating as I, their stories won't be an unpleasant diversionů" This is a good curl-up-in-a-chair-on-a-rainy-day-read. Ages 9-12. Paper: 208 pp.

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