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Mei Ling in China City-Divided by War, United by Friendship...A Lifeline of Letters from China City to Manzanar
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Written by Icy Smith. Illustrated by Gayle Garner Roski.

Based on a true story of events during World War II in Los Angeles' China City, a 12-year-old Chinese American girl named Mei Ling loses her best friend Yayeko Akiyama when she and her family were interned in Manzanar. By writing letters to each other daily, both young girls recount their painful separation and their lives in China City and Manzanar. In hopes of bringing Yayeko back home, Mei Ling joins the Chinese community to raise funds for the war-ravaged refugees and to win a gift for her friend.

The vivid watercolor paintings warmly portray the real scenes of the forgotten China City in Los Angeles and Manzanar Relocation Camp in Owens Valley, California. This unprecedented children's book depicts the hardships and cross-cultural experiences of Americans of Chinese and Japanese ancestry during the war years. Written in English and Japanese.

Hardbound: 40 pp.

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