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Guilt by Association: Essays on Japanese Settlement, Internment, and Relocation in the Rocky Mountain West
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Edited and contributions by Mike Mackey.

Although much has been written about Japanese Americans, particularly in the past twenty years, there is a great deal of work yet to be done in this area of study. One of the purposes of this small collection of essays is to illustrate areas which deserve further research and analysis...from the preface by Mike Mackey.

Paper: 289 pp. B/w photos.


Part 1: From Settlement in the Rocky Mountain West to the War Years

  • Japanese Settlement in the Intermountain West, 1882-1946 by Eric Walz

  • Phantom Explosives and Smoking Guns: The White Pine County Internment Case Revisited After Redress for Japanese Railroad and Mine Families by Andrew B. Russell

  • Part 2: Censors and Interpreters in the Camps

  • Censored!: U.S. Censors and Internment Camp Mail in World War II by Louis Fiset

  • Koreans as Interpreters at Japanese Enemy Alien Detention Centers During World War II by Hyung-ju Ahn

  • Part 3: Resettlement Programs

  • Political Ideology and Participant Observations: Nisei Social Scientists in the Evacuation and Resettlement Study, 1942-1945 by Arthur A. Hansen

  • Japanese and Japanese Latin Americans at Idaho’s Kooskia Internment Camp by Priscilla Wegars

  • Part 4: Women in the Camps

  • Caregiving in Camp: Japanese American Women and Community Health in World War II by Susan L. Smith

  • Young Women’s Everyday Resistance: Heart Mountain, Wyoming by Susan McKay

  • Part 5: Media Influence

  • Japanese American Women: Guilty by Race and Gender by Kumiko Takahara

  • Media Influence on Local Attitudes Toward the Heart Mountain Relocation Center by Mike Mackey

  • Part 6: Internee Housing, and the Loyalty Questionnaire

  • Dislocations: The Built Environments of Japanese American Internment by Lynne Horiuchi

  • The Loyalty Questionnaire by Chizu Omori

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