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Dixieland Sushi
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By Cara Lockwood.

A highly entertaining novel about Jen Nakamura Taylor, a half-Japanese, half-white woman who grew up in Arkansas in the ’80s.

The story alternates between awkward memories of the past, and the present where she’s a producer on a popular Chicago television show. She’s been called home to be a bridesmaid for her Southern Belle cousin’s marriage to her former schoolgirl crush.

Romance, family, and cultures collide as Jen finally comes to terms with her heritage, her love life, and herself.

For those who lived through the ’80s, this book will bring back vivid memories of Queen’s “Another One Bites the Dust,” Ms. Pac Man, and Miami Vice fashion. Each chapter begins with a Mr. Miyagi quote from The Karate Kid movie series.

Includes “Up Close and Personal with the Author”—a Q & A with national bestselling author Cara Lockwood about writing the book and her own experiences growing up with a mixed racial background in Texas.

Paper: 283 pp.

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