When Can We Go Back to America?

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When Can We Go Back to America? Voices of Japanese American Incarceration During WWII

By Susan H. Kamei. Foreword by Norman Y. Mineta.

In this dramatic and page-turning narrative history of Japanese Americans before, during, and after their World War II incarceration, Susan H. Kamei weaves the voices of over 130 individuals who lived through this tragic episode, most of them as young adults. In what Secretary Norman Y. Mineta describes as a “landmark book,” he and others who lived through this harrowing experience tell the story of their incarceration and the long-term impact of this dark period in American history. For the first time, why and how these tragic events took place are interwoven with more than 130 individual voices of those who were unconstitutionally incarcerated, many of them children and young adults. Ages: 12 – 99.

Hardbound: 736 pp.

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