Vegan JapanEasy

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Vegan JapanEasy: Classic & Modern Vegan Japanese Recipes to Cook at Home

By Tim Anderson.

Believe it or not, Japanese cuisine in general is actually quite vegan-friendly, and many dishes can be made vegan with just a simple substitution or two. You can enjoy the same big, bold, salty-sweet-spicy-rich-umami recipes of modern Japanese soul food without so much as glancing down the meat and dairy aisles. And best of all, it’s super-easy to make! No sad substitutes and zero shortcomings on taste!

From classics like Vegetable Tempura, Onigiri, Mushroom Gyoza and Fried Tofu in Dashi, to clever vegan conversions including Cauliflower Katsu Curry, French Onion Ramen and Sichuan-Style Hot and Numbing Tofu with Ancient Grains, you don’t need to be vegan to enjoy these tasty recipes. Add to that some outrageously good drinks and desserts, like the Watermelon Mojito and Soy Sauce Butterscotch Brownies, and you’ll be spoiled for choice! So if you’re new to veganism, new to Japanese cooking, new to both, or you just want to expand your meat-free repertoire, this is the book for you! (You might have noticed that we deviated from our usual straight-on book cover shot for this one. That's because the cover is embossed with gold foil and it is incredible to look at! Would make a beautiful gift, even for non-vegans!) Hardbound: 208 pp.

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