Under One Flag *

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By Liz Parkhurst & Pam Strickland. Illustrated by Tom Clifton.

The landscape of the Arkansas Delta changed dramatically early in the course of World War II, when more than 8,000 American citizens of Japanese ancestry were forcibly detained in two hastily constructed prison camps.  The chain of events surrounding this episode of American is revealed through the friendship between Jeff, a local boy whose father is a camp administrator, and George, a Japanese American boy imprisoned in the camps.  This factional story, based on actual events and circumstances, not only sheds light on American history, it has relevance in today’s atmosphere of global unease and anxiety. The test of how we, as a government and as citizens, regard our fellow Americans in times of conflict resonates today, long after the barracks, barbed wire and guard towers of Rohwer have disappeared. 

Hardbound: 32pp.

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