Two Spirits,One Heart*

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By Marsha Aizumi and Aiden Aizumi. 

At its core, this book is simply about love. The love of a mother who struggles in the beginning to understand what it means to be transgender, but decides to stand by her son. The love of a son who makes the choice to love himself, live authentically and bring his family along on his journey. And the love of a mother and son for the Asian and LGBTQ+ communities that inspires them to throw off their capes of invisibility and become advocates for those families and individuals that so desperately need to hear stories of transformation that end in joy and triumphant over adversity. 

This is a raw and emotional story about discovering you are braver then you ever thought you could be. That listening deeply to each other, saying you’re sorry when you make a mistake, and compassionately and authentically sharing who you are can create unforgettable moments of healing and hope. But most of all living your life with your whole heart and not just part of it, can be a risk, but in the end it can take you on an amazing journey of purpose, connection to those you love, and discovering a voice you never knew you had. 

Paper: 317 pp.                                                                            


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