Thank You Very Mochi

Item # 151701.

By Paul Matsushima, Sophie Wang, and Craig Ishii. Illustrated by Jing Zheng.

When Kimi and her family visit Grandma and Grandpa’s house for New Year’s mochitsuki (rice cake making party) they discover the mochi machine is broken. After initial fears that mochitsuki will be cancelled, Grandpa proposes an interesting, yet old-fashioned solution of making mochi the hand-pounded way.

This imaginative children’s book will “pound” into children’s hearts the importance of family relationships and cultural traditions.A family reading of this book is sure to become a holiday tradition of its own! Ages 4-8. Hardbound: 44 pp.

Thank You Very Mochi is the first publication by Kizuna, a premier Japanese American youth development organization based in Little Tokyo, Los Angeles. You can find more information about the book and Kizuna's youth programs at

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