Sweet Chili Sesame Marimix Set of 2

Item # 200746.

Marimix® Company, Inc., award-winning snack maker and specialty food pioneer, announces the launch of Crunch-Baked Snackmix™. Combining Asian umami flavors with an American style snack mix of petite pretzels, hearty whole grain pillows and crisp quinoa, Sweet Chili Sesame is studded with nutty black sesame seed and vibrant flakes of sun-ripened Korean Gochugaru chile pepper, and all hugged in a delicate glaze and patiently baked to golden perfection. Warm from the oven, Sweet Chili Sesame is tumbled with a house-blended seasoning of roasted sesame oil, spicy ginger, rich garlic and a bright splash of juicy orange. Introduce your taste buds to this Asian American original, made in California. Gluten free! Two 4oz. bags. Online sales only. All sales final. 

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