Sakamoto's Swim Club

Item # 150318.

Written by Julie Abery. Illustrated by Chris Sasaki. 

The  inspirational and little-known story of a dedicated teacher who coached  Hawaiian swimmers all the way to the Olympics, beautifully told in  simple rhyme. When the children of workers on a 1930s Maui sugar plantation were  chased away from playing in the nearby irrigation ditches, local science  teacher Soichi Sakamoto had an idea. He offered to take responsibility  for the children --- and then he began training them how to swim. Using  his science background, Sakamoto devised his own innovative coaching  techniques: he developed a strict practice regime for the kids, building  their strength and endurance by using the ditch water's natural  current. The children worked hard under the dedicated Sakamoto's  guidance, and their skills improved. They formed a swim club and began  to dominate in swimming events around the world. And then one day, the  proud Sakamoto saw an impossible dream come true --- Olympic gold!

Hardbound: 40 pp.

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