Rebel Lawyer: Wayne Collins and the Defense of Japanese American Rights

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By Charles Wollenberg.

This book tells the story of the key cases--Fred Korematsu, Iva Toguri (alias Tokyo Rose), Japanese Peruvians, and five thousand Americans who renounced their citizenship under duress--pertaining to the World War II incarceration of 120,000 people of Japanese ancestry and the trial attorney who defended them.

Wayne Collins made a somewhat unlikely hero. An Irish American lawyer with a volatile temper, Collins’s passionate commitment to the nation’s constitutional principles put him in opposition to not only the United States government but also groups such as the national office of the ACLU and the leadership of the Japanese American Citizens League.

Wollenberg portrays Collins not as a white knight but as a tough, sometimes difficult man whose battles gave people of Japanese descent the foundation on which to construct their own powerful campaigns for redress. Hardbound: 160 pp.

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