Piperoid - Robot Kits: Hana and Suzu

Item # 110674.

Hana & Suzu - Waitress and Pet Sparrow -

From the country that brought you origami and toy robots, these clever craft kits combine the best of both. Pre-printed paper pipes (say that real fast 3 times) are cut into sections to make your own little family of paper robots. No glue necessary. Be really creative and mix and match parts from different kits! Instructions in English are provided. Finished robots are 2-1/2" - 4" H.

Hana works in a local tea cafe with a cafe mascot, a pet sparrow named Suzu. Hana has a crush on Rokusuke, a ronin (masterless samurai). Whenever he stops by for a drink, she gets overly excited and ends up brewing his tea strong, giving him a bad impression of their tea.

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