Picture Bride (DVD)

Item # 040405.

Directed by Kayo Hatta. Written by Kayo Hatta, Mari Hatta and Diane Mei Lin Mark. Co-produced by Diane Mei Lin Mark and Lisa Onodera.

Inspired by the true stories of Hawaii's picture brides, this unforgettable story is set amidst the breathtaking scenery of a tropical paradise. In 1918, with only a picture in hand, a spirited young woman leaves behind all she knows in Japan for the far-off islands of Hawaii - and an arranged marriage with a man she has known only through photographs and letters. Featuring Youki Kudoh, Tamlyn Tomita, and the legendary Toshiro Mifune. One of the first independent feature films produced in Hawai'i in contemporary times. Contains extra feature of a commentary track with director Kiyo Hatta. (Barbara Kawakami acted as historical costume consultant on this film.) Rated PG-13 for sensuality.

Running time: 95 min.

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