Organic Yuzu Spread

Item # 203701.

By Hikari Foods.

Yuzu citrus, organically grown in Tokushima Prefecture, and organic grape juice are the only ingredients of this wonderful yuzu spread. It exhibits natural sweetness from the fruits, a refreshing yuzu aroma and a touch of bitterness from its rind. All of the flavor components from the premium ingredients create a complex blend of refreshing tastes in your mouth, making you feel as though you’ve bitten into an actual yuzu fruit. The jam-like spread is great with toast, scones, muffins, and any kinds of bread you have on the table, but it’s also delightful when drizzled over ice cream, added to black tea, mixed into cocktails, and can even be used for baking sweets. No additives, such as thickening agents, artificial flavors, preservatives, or artificial seasonings, are used. Non-GMO. Ingredients: Grape Juice, Yuzu Citrus. 9.17 oz. All sales are final.

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