Ordinary ‘Ohana

Item # 155276.

This is a little book about a big family making the point that family is who you choose and there’s always room for more at Sunday dinner, even if it’s on Saturday night. Or Wednesday night. Or whenever. In a time when families don’t fit traditional definitions, Ordinary ‘Ohana assures readers that a diverse family is a normal family.

The book shares images of a contemporary Hawai‘i family both familiar and unique. The story is told through experiences collected by a young boy named Kainoa. He has a pretty ordinary family life, according to him. But when he starts to introduce the various members of his ‘ohana, he reveals a complicated but very sturdy and loving family structure that has been built, rebuilt, and reinforced over time. Kainoa describes generations-old Hawai‘i family traditions blended with a modern, open sensibility. He talks about the people he loves in a matter-of-fact voice with witty observations that every reader will enjoy. Family is who you choose. Hardbound: 40 pp.

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