Ninja Boy's Secret

Item # 155262.

Written and illustrated by Tina Schneider.

Ninja Boy has a secret. It's not that he's flunking out of Ninja Academy—his dad knows that. It's that Ninja Boy doesn't like skulking about quietly in the night, clad in black like a thief, leaving no trace of his existence. He knows he'll never be half the Ninja his father is—silent as a ghost, ever ready to attack.

No, this little Ninja has a different calling. He's a talented musician who expresses himself with a violin. He wants to share that passion with his dad, but is afraid his father will not approve. So what's a misguided maestro to do? Summoning all the courage and passion he has, he plays a loud and beautiful violin sonata for his Ninja dad! With his faithful dog in tow, Ninja Boy makes his way from silence to song in a charming tale about being true to yourself and finding your calling in life. Hardbound: 32 pp.


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