Letter Kokeshi Doll

Item # 111699.

This intriguing kokeshi variant was very popular as a souvenir item in Japan. They were available as alternative “postcards”. You write your “Wish you were here” message on a small piece of paper, roll it up and tuck inside the kokeshi body. The accompanying tag was for the address and postage. You could attach the tag and toss the whole thing in the mailbox.

Today’s postal service would not accept such a charming method of correspondence. We do not recommend it for mailing!

Our wooden letter kokeshi are hand made and hand-carried from Japan. Each measures 4.75"H and comes with a Japanese mailing tag which was traditionally wrapped around the neck of the doll. The base unscrews and inside is a small scroll of paper to write your message on. Could also be a great presentation for lucky money!

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