Klutz Mini Sushi Bar Activity Kit

Item # 115214.

Make 16 cute sushi characters using clay and mixed media. Learn about the art of making sushi as you roll and sculpt adorable food with faces. Clay chefs will learn the difference between sushi rolls, onigiri (rice balls), sashimi, mochi, and other treats from Japan. Then, build out your sushi spread by packing a papercraft bento box, or a fancy dinner display. Complete the scene with meal-time extras, including an origami holder for your miniature chopsticks. Itadakimasu!

Contains 32-page instruction book, air-dry clay in 4 colors, white bubble clay, bead eyes, sequin cheeks, roe beads, glaze, double-tipped clay tool, mini chopsticks, paper straw, punch-out sheets, stickers, origami paper, mini bowl, bento box.

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