Kimochi Nesting Hearts

Item # 110489.

The Kimochis®* Nesting Heart is one plush heart nestled inside another. When family members or friends are separated, each person can keep a heart as a tangible, playful way to stay connected. Perfect for back-to-school jitters, sleep away summer camps, parents on business trips, best friends, or long distance relatives. The Kimochis® Nesting Heart comes with a carabiner and fun activities for creating close family connections:

Follow Your Heart: Clip the heart to your child’s backpack or belt loop as a special way to feel close throughout the day.

Pour Your Heart Out Give the inner heart to a loved one when you have something to confide.

Play Heart and Seek Hide each other’s hearts in fun or funny places as a reminder that “I love you!”

Create Heartfelt Rituals for Separations During any kind of separation, you or your child can take the inside of the heart and leave the outside of the heart at home offering a tangible way to remember that “even though we are apart, you are always in my heart.”

Have a Heart-to-Heart Use Mini Feelings (from other Kimochi products sold separately). to nestle a Feeling in the outer heart as a way to express what’s really going on. When it’s time to talk about the hard stuff, use the Hearts and Feelings to soften the mood and speak the truth from a loving place.

*"kimochi" is Japanese for "feelings"

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