Kaeru Stone

Item # 220290.

Traditionally when you want someone to return from a journey or for a visit, you give a frog as a symbol of your wish. We have engraved our Kaeru on a natural river stone, creating a permanent token of this concept. The Kaeru was designed for us by Higashi Glaser Design, creators of the award-winning Zolo Toy line. Stones will vary in color and size due to the whimsy of nature. Approximate sizes 2-1/2"- 2-3/4".

Who says nothing is written in stone? At the Japanese American National Museum, the names of thousands of children are engraved in the Children’s Courtyard. Our mascot for the Children’s Courtyard is a frog. Why a frog? Because the word for frog in Japanese is kaeru. But kaeru also means “to return” in Japanese. And we want the children whose names are in the Courtyard to return to the Museum again and again because they are literally part of the Museum.

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