Camp Amache: The Story of an American Tragedy (DVD)

Item # 040124.

Produced by Don Dexter.

This is the story of the unjust incarceration of Japanese Americans as told by the former inmates of Camp Amache in Colorado, one of ten of America's concentration camps set up during World War II. Interviews and personal stories are interspersed with photos of the area as it was then and how it looks today. John Hopper, a teacher at Granada High School, has incorporated the story of Amache into his curriculum and is featured with some of his students. Bill Hosokawa, author of Nisei: The Quiet Americans, is also featured on this DVD. Gil Asakawa, author of Being Japanese American: A JA Sourcebook for Nikkei, Hapa, and Their Friends is among the interviewees.

Running time: 57 min.

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