In Search of Hiroshi

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By Gene Oishi. With essays by Eve Oishi and Ana Iwataki.

In Search of Hiroshi, originally published in 1988 and long unavailable, is republished with new essays and a conversation between Oishi and his daughter.  

“Can one wreak vengeance against oneself?” This anguished question hangs over Gene Oishi’s powerful memoir about his lifelong struggle to claim both his Japanese and American identities in the aftermath of World War II, when he and more than 120,000 other Japanese Americans were forcibly removed from their homes and incarcerated in America’s concentration camps. From the moment he and everyone like him on the West Coast is deemed a threat to national security by President Roosevelt’s infamous Executive Order 9066, Oishi finds himself trying to distance himself from his Japanese heritage even as he questions whether he will ever truly be accepted as fully American. Throughout his return to California as a teenager, his postwar service in the US Army and his subsequent career in journalism and politics, the deep wounds caused by the trauma of incarceration continue to fester. 

Paper: 216 pp.

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