Hashi (Chopstick) Manners Tea Cup

Item # 111219.

This instructive tea cup illustrates ten things you should never do with your chopsticks (not counting poking anyone in the eye). 3-3/4" high. 3-7/8" diameter.

Order one and print these taboos for reference:

  • Saguri-bashi – Don’t poke around your soup to pick out contents
  • Mayoi-bashi – Don’t touch food you aren’t going to eat
  • Sashi-bashi – Don’t use your chopsticks to stab your food
  • Neburi-bashi – Don’t suck the tips of your chopsticks
  • Yose-bashi – Don’t use your chopsticks to grab plates or bowls
  • Hotoke-bashi – Don’t stick your chopsticks straight up in rice (this is a symbol of death!)
  • Kaki-bashi – Don’t shovel food in your mouth with the bowl attached to your face
  • Nigiri-bashi – Don’t hold your chopsticks in your hand like a knife
  • Hashi-watashi – Don’t pass food to another person chopsticks to chopsticks
  • Namida-bashi – Don’t pass around food that drips

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