Oriental Faddah And Son*

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By  Lee A. Tonouchi.

Oriental Faddah and Son delivers "Da Pidgin Guerrilla's" most entertaining, yet poignant work to date through a combination of lamenting and humorous poems. As you read, you will journey with the author through childhood and adolescence into adulthood. You will laugh out loud, sometimes cry,and maybe even discover things about yourself along the way. Award winning author Tonouchi delivers a captivating, semi-autobiographical tale through his mastery of the Pidgin language. Tonouchi intricately weaves life's most basic human elements - love and loss, birth and death - while uncovering the identity of one's true self. In the "Guerrilla's" case, it's the essence of being an Okinawan in Hawai`i.

Paper: 152 pp.  

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