Lucky Cat *

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By Mio Yamada.

Its beckoning paw has a cult fanbase, but the lucky cat is more than just a cute ornament. The iconic creature is a symbol of good fortune and used as a powerful lucky charm in shops and homes across Japan, China, and beyond. The lucky cat (or maneki neko in Japanese) has a long history dating back to the 17th century that’s packed with fascinating folklore, serious symbolism and countless contemporary cat spin-offs. Its paw, bib, coin, collar, and colors all have meaning. Did you know a pink cat will bring you luck in love, while a gold cat is all about wealth? Or that a left-pawed cat is used by businesses to attract customers, while a cat with a beckoning right paw is found in homes as talisman?

Dive into this adorable cat-shaped book to find out all you need to know about the beautiful lucky cat. Hardbound: 64 pp.

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