Kokeshi Origami Book by Cochae

Item # 150115.

Studio Cochae, based in Tokyo, is a free-thinking and free-moving origami group whose main members are Yosuke Jikuhara and Miki Takeda. These preprinted tear-out papers allow you to create paper representations of the traditional styles of kokeshi. Instructions include diagrams and English directions.

Descriptions of the kokeshi styles are only in Japanese, but you can search on these names for more information: Naruko, Togatta, Zao, Hijiori, Tsuchiyu, Nambu, Yamagata, Sakunami, Kijiyama, Tsugaru, and Yajiro.

We also have a great book for learning more about kokeshi: http://janmstore.com/products/kokeshi-from-tohoku-with-love

24 pages of origami sheets—enough to make 2 each of 11 styles plus one to color in yourself, and one to design your own! A beautiful little book that is now out of print.

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