Ayumi's Violin

Item # 158409.

By Mariko Tatsumoto.

In 1959 when her mother dies, grieving twelve-year-old Ayumi leaves her home in Japan and crosses the Pacific Ocean alone to find the American father she’s never met. Biracial, she is confronted with a resentful half-sister and a racist stepmother. The family maid and her rebellious fourteen-year-old son Diego are the only people who befriend her. Ayumi wants to be accepted by her new family, but how much of her true self must she give up?

A violin prodigy, Ayumi’s only solace is her music. Boys at school taunt her and steal her music books. When she is deprived of her violin, she feels like her mother has died all over again. With Diego’s help, she shocks even herself by doing the unthinkable. Paper: 354 pp.

Honors and awards: Paterson Prize for Books for Young People Honor Book, Colorado Authors' League Award Finalist, Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers Gold Award. Named one of Colorado’s Powerful Reads

About the author: When Mariko Tatsumoto emigrated with her family from Japan at the age of eight, she didn't know English. As soon as she learned to read English, she fell in love with books and wanted to become a writer. But before finding her way to becoming a children's book author, she became the first Asian woman attorney in Colorado.

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