Beaded Crane Pins

Item # 124439-S.

We love these pins because they echo the crafts of the artisans incarcerated in America's concentration camps. While the bird pins that were made in camp were of painted wood, these are more like the delicate pins made from tiny shells found in the washes of dried river beds. A combinations of beads, sequins and delicate embroidery bring these cranes to life in stunning detail. Cranes are a symbol of long life and fidelity.

Each pin is like a unique piece of handmade art. Slight variations reflect the handmade craft of each artist. Designs change with seasons, and small batches of a single design are produced. Availability is fleeting. Approx. 3"H

Made by artisans in a workshop that is registered and follows ethical fair trade practices, providing artisans above the age of 18 years with a safe environment, fair wages, social security welfare, healthcare benefits and more than anything, a positive and happy workspace.

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