Heart Mountain Mystery Stones

Item # 220291.

In the late 1940’s, near the site of the Heart Mountain concentration camp cemetery, a bulldozer uncovered a 55-gallon barrel full of stones; each painted with a Japanese character (kanji). It is believed that these stones appear to form a Buddhist sutra or prayer.  Around 1600, it was a practice of devout Buddhists to copy sutras a character at a time on stones. When the sutra was completed it would be buried as a form of preservation of the text. The mystery of the Heart Mountain stones lies in the identity of their creator. Two Buddhist priests who were incarcerated at the camp vie for the position of creator, but there is no definitive proof as to their originator.

These carved stones echo some of the original stones that were donated to the Japanese American National Museum. Stones vary in size and color.

tomo - together, chikara - strength, yume - dream, ten - heaven. Approx. 2-1/2" - sizes vary.

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