Kokeshi: From Tohoku with Love

Item # 151443.

 By Manami Okazaki.

(Revised second edition-hardbound!)

This is the second book on kokeshi available in English! Discover Japan's most popular hand made craft, the humble kokeshi doll. Kokeshi are simple and minimal in decoration, and are said to have facial expressions that are "comforting" and "healing." Traditionally made in the Tohoku Northern region of Japan in remote hotspring villages, these one of a kind wooden dolls are made by artisans who spend years perfecting their craft.

This book takes the reader to the studios of 22 artisans, and looks at their dolls, both traditional and modern. Included are hundreds of photos, as well as explanations of the different types of kokeshi and the culture and history that surrounds them.It is the only English language book to have interviews with kokeshi makers. Included is information about Tohoku culture, and the hotsprings villages where these dolls are made.

This new edition contains an additional 37 pages which include 60 new photos, 3 new artist profiles (Yasuhiro Satou, Rei Yamaya, Shouichi Satou), folklore, and how to buy guide.

Hardbound: 244 pp.

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