Karami Salsa

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Karami (ka-Rah-me) means "Beautiful heat."

For generations, many Japanese–Americans raised in Colorado would have a homemade jar on the dinner table.  Karami was the result of necessity as the mother of invention. Far from the Pacific Ocean, Japanese who settled in Colorado had little access to the cultural food staples of their native land especially seaweed, in the form of wakame.

Experimenting with various vegetables, it was finally determined that the spicy green chile pepper when mixed with soy sauce, was the most acceptable substitute.   It was used primarily as a topping on hot rice, the same as seaweed is eaten in Japan, as well as a topping on fish, chicken and meat (and transforms a hot dog into exotic cuisine!)

Perhaps Karami would have been relegated to the history books as a Japanese-American family recipe, but for the invention of the tortilla chip.   It was recently discovered that the combination of Karami and the tortilla chip opened countless pathways to culinary bliss.

Made with non GMO, gluten free ingredients; no corn syrup, no sugar, no artificial sweeteners, no MSG, and no animal products. Karami Salsa is a vegan salsa with vitamins and minerals from natural ingredients. Proudly made in Colorado, USA. 16 oz. jar.

Due to the weight and special handling needed for this product, there is a limit of two jars per order. Orders that include more than 2 jars may not receive their entire order. If you wish to order more than two jars, you may place multiple orders or call us toll-free at 1-888-769-5559.

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